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Delivering Value with Smart Planning 

Betschart Mechanical recognizes that a successful project starts with thorough planning.  Our disciplined approach to the preconstruction process helps owners gain valuable insight into methods, materials, and options.  We provide accurate cost estimates and detailed schedule analysis that ensure informed decisions to best address your objectives.  This process eliminates construction conflicts and consistently delivers a project that exceeds expectations.

Regardless of project delivery method (from Design-Build, Design-Assist, GC/CM, MC/CM, and Design-Bid-Build), our focus is on client value.  We understand the most successful projects are those that start with careful planning and team coordination long before ground breaks. By working closely with all project stakeholders, we leverage team talent and knowledge to deliver more value to our client’s bottom line.


Custom Solutions to Meet any Challenge

 Betschart Mechanical offers unified procedures to enhance construction workflow, from preconstruction methods to project sign-off.  We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery to ensure your facility is built with minimum clashes and shorter schedules, and higher quality.  Being your single point of contact for mechanical contracting, we leverage control of the construction process to build better facilities that are more efficient and deliver greater value.

Betschart Mechanical provides a full spectrum of mechanical contracting services throughout Washington.  We work to meet the complex demands of today’s facilities environment by using our skills in hydronics, plumbing, specialty piping, HVAC and boiler systems.  Whether a project involves HVAC or plumbing systems, central plants, or process piping systems, clients know they can count on Betschart Mechanical to meet their needs.



  GC / CM  

Working as a GC/CM, Betschart Mechanical participates in a collaborative team alliance.  During the design phase we provide construction management services and share in the decision making process about systems, schedules and deliverables.  We work with team members to produce constructability reviews, value engineering and analysis, cost estimating, lead time for resources, and scheduling services.  Our early project involvement results in more control of resources and processes, which allows us to confidently guarantee a total cost of construction.

Our collaborative GC/CM process brings together the building owner, mechanical contractor, architect, and other trades.  Because owner and partners review plans together, a better mechanical design is achieved.  The result is lower project cost, less construction time, and increased control of contract specifications and systems. Betschart Mechanical’s early involvement in complex GC/CM projects facilitates many benefits:

Design to construction times are shortened and allow for accelerated construction schedules

Construction clashes are avoided before they result in costly changes

Equipment specifications are controlled to better suit owner’s budget and schedule need

More complex projects can be built from coordinated planning

Risk is mitigated with a set maximum price

Increases project quality based upon contractor qualifications, not just low bid


Fully integrated, delivering value.

We have delivered a number of successful projects under the MC/CM delivery method and embrace the opportunity to serve as an integrated, collaborative team member. Betschart has a proven track record of working  closely with designers and engineering teams to solve problems proactively, increase efficiency, lower costs, and deliver a superior project.


We are innovative, creative, know how to effectively recommend and analyze alternative design options, and are excellent at coordinating and communicating throughout the design and construction phases.

We are experienced with current technologies and best practices, and are proactive about making value-added recommendations based on our unmatched
experience building schools, higher education facilities, commercial buildings, and working on service and energy projects. We bring value in our means and methods, leveraging industry best practices as a nimble, lean organization.

Design-Build rendering of Betschart school project



The Betschart team has deep experience with Design-Build and enjoy bringing value throughout the process as a true partner. We are experts in our field, and truly believe that united within the Design-Build delivery method, the entire project team is able to work collectively towards a better product.

We all well versed in Design-Build, Progressive Design-Build, and Target Value Design. We understand first- hand that effective TVD requires each trade to look at

the project comprehensively. We fully embrace the philosophy of finding creative solutions and doing what is best for the project.

Integrated Delivery


Talent and Knowledge, Aligned

Our qualified IPD and Design-Build professionals work diligently to identify your unique objectives, and evaluate options to maximize project performance and return on investment.

Betschart Mechanical’s focus is on creating true value to the owner using Integrated Project Delivery to align interests, goals, and practices through a team based approach.  This early collaboration allows more informed decision making and increased productivity throughout the construction process.  Our integrated team philosophy creates shorter delivery times, lower project costs, and higher quality facilities. 

Betschart team member inspecting HVAC equipment
BIM technology rendering


Intelligent modeling for better control

We understand the importance of coordination between the design team, owner, and project construction team. Without proper coordination and the correct information, project schedules and budgets are adversely affected.  Our talented personnel leverage BIM and VDC technology to assist with mechanical design, and ensure accurate build models and excellent team communication.

Virtual design and construction utilizes state-of-the-art building information modeling software which increases the intelligence of the construction data model and supports effective decision making.  Betschart Mechanical uses these sophisticated computer models to allow the project team to view the finished project before any ground is broken, spot construction clashes, and resolve design and coordination issues before they result in unforeseen problems and costly construction changes.

Betschart Mechanical has extensive BIM experience. Using this efficient project delivery system, our skilled personnel integrate sophisticated 3D computer models into our construction process to enable the project team to continually improve productivity, minimize conflicts, shorten schedules, and ultimately increase profitability for our clients.

Betschart project detail of plumbing and piping


Sophisticated Resources

We are a leader in full-service Plumbing and Process Piping construction. Our dedicated and skilled plumbers are complimented by sophisticated resources, from the latest in BIM 3-D modeling, hydronics,  and installation services.
With extensive experience in a variety of delivery methods, including design-assist, GC/CM, and plan and specification. We offer innovative solutions to ensure your project is cost effective, and complies with government regulations and industry-specific standards.

We are recognized throughout the industry for providing customized plumbing solutions to meet any challenge.  Our plumbing expertise includes everything from small office and high-rise buildings to educational facilities  and laboratories.

Our plumbing expertise includes: 

Sanitary, industrial &
chemical waste vent systems

Water systems

Gas and petroleum systems

Compressed air systems

Lab piping systems

Fuel oil systems


Leak detection

Process piping

Site utilities

Tenant improvements

Reclaimed water systems

Solar hot water systems


Customized Solutions

Hydronic Piping. We know the construction of hydronic heating systems and cooling systems for commercial and industrial facilities.  Our staff is experienced with complex boiler, pumping, and piping systems.  Not only do we install boilers and chillers we are trained to design and install radiant floor heating.  Our extensive knowledge of hydronic heating systems and radiant heating systems along with our computer modeling and CAD drawings will ensure that you receive customized solutions that will work best for your facility. Our hydronic heating services include:

Lab Gas Piping. We are skilled in all types of Lab Gas Pipe installation and construction projects.  Our plumbers have the knowledge and are certified to install or renovate any component of your medical gas delivery system.  We follow strict guidelines and make use of proper codes, standards, and procedures when designing, installing or maintaining medical gas piping.  From Lab Gas Pipe construction, our commissioning experts will ensure all systems are code compliant, fully functional, and performing to expectations upon completion of your project. Our team includes a large staff of certified craftsmen available to perform Lab Gas Pipe related services. The ability to deliver our high-purity piping systems into clean rooms, laboratories and highly sophisticated medical facilities has established Betschart Mechanical as the premier provider in healthcare, and educational facilities.

Hydronic heating & cooling systems

Radiant floor heating

Hot water & chilled water systems

Air handling systems

Steam piping

Boilers & chillers

Cooling towers

Ground source systems

Betschart HVAC installation project detail



We leverage our long-standing and trusted relationships with local HVAC partners to design and install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the full range of commercial development; including new installations, upgrades, and expansions throughout the Northwest Region. Our integrated, full-service teams build HVAC projects for educational, industrial, retail, and public institutions. Our HVAC specialties include: 

Forced hot air furnaces

Heat exchanger systems



Hydronic heating systems

Steam heating systems

Fan coil units

Air handling units

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